Sirena Microrot FLX/2M Rotating Vehicle Signalling Beacons

Sirena Microrot FLX/2M Rotating Vehicle Signalling Beacons


Sirena Microrot FLX/2M Rotating Vehicle Signalling Beacons for Vehicle Signalling Applications.

The Microrot FLX/2M series is characterised by its tough and resilient design features which contribute to a high IP66 protection rating. The rotating vehicle beacons polycarbonate  lens is resilient and compact, while the flexible rubber base provides excellent vibration resistance. Protecting the filaments and moving parts from prolonged exposure to vibration simultaneously extends the units operational lifetime and makes it an ideal solution to the rigors of being mounted on vehicles and heavy machinery. In addition to a wide variety of mounting accessory options, the Microrot is also available with a magnetic base version providing flexibility and adaptability to wide range of signalling applications.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– ISO DIN plug in mounting or magnetic base.
– Vibration absorbing flexible rubber base (DIN mount version).
– Tough polycarbonate lens.
– Halogen lamps.
– Application: Mining, agricultural and earth moving machinery.
– Flash Rate: 160 rpm.
– Protection Rating: IP66.
– Temp Rating (degrees Celsius): -30 to +50.
– Cable Entry: Through base.
– Construction: Rubber or nylon base, polycarbonate lens.
– Available Lens Colours: Amber, Blue, Green, Red.


Order Code  Description
SIR7201211  ISO DIN mounting, 12VDC, 55W 12V H1 bulb, 0.7kg, (specify lens colour).
SIR7202411  ISO DIN mounting, 24VDC, 70W 24V H1, 0.7kg, (specify lens colour).
SIR7201203  Magnetic mounting, 12VDC, 55W 12V H1, 1.0kg, (specify lens colour).
SIR7202403  Magnetic mounting, 24VDC, 70W 24V H1, 1.0kg, (specify lens colour).
SIR9700001  B surface mount bracket accessory.
SIR9700006  SP side mount bracket accessory.
SIR9700009  SPRT adjustable extension pole accessory.
SIR3955012  55W 12V H1 bulb accessory.
SIR3970024  70W 24V H1 bulb accessory.
SIR3720001  Microrot Lens (specify colour) accessory.


(please see attached PDF’s for further information)