Standard Compression Glands

Standard Compression Glands


Standard Compression Glands For Electrical Housing Applications.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Available in Tufflon plastic and nickel plated brass.
– Sizes from M16 to M75.
– Suit SWA cable sizes from 6.5 to 67.5mm.
– Accessories available for flat twin and earth cables, aerial bundled cables and instrumentation cables.
– Conversion kits available for unarmored cables.


Tufflon Plastic Glands

Order CodeGland SizeColourThreadCable Diameter
PR75101No. 00WhiteM164.0 to 9.0
PR75107No. 0sWhiteM204.0 to 9.0
PR75102No. 0LWhiteM206.5 to 11.0
PR75103No. 1WhiteM208.5 to 13.0
PR75108No. 2WhiteM2513.0 to 19.2
PR75001No. 00GreyM164.0 to 9.0
PR75007No. 0sGreyM204.0 to 9.0
PR75002No. 0LGreyM206.5 to 11.0
PR75003No. 1GreyM208.5 to 13.0
PR75008No. 2GreyM2513.0 to 19.2
PR75201No. 00BlackM164.0 to 9.0
PR75202No. 0sBlackM204.0 to 9.0
PR75203No. 0LBlackM206.5 to 11.0
PR75204No. 1BlackM208.5 to 13.0
PR75205No. 2BlackM2513.0 to 19.2


Nickel Plated Brass Glands

Order CodeGland SizeThreadCable Diameter
PR12067No. 00M166.5 to 9.2
PR12066No. 0sM206.5 to 9.2
PR12068No. 0M208.0 to 11.1
PR12069No. 1M209.0 to 14.7
PR12070No. 2M2514.0 to 19.9
PR12071No. 3M3218.0 to 27.3
PR12072No. 4M4024.0 to 35.0
PR12074No. 5M5032.0 to 44.0
PR12075No. 6M6343.4 to 55.8
PR12077No. 7M7555.9 to 67.5


Nickel Thread Adaptors

Order CodeGland SizeThread
PR29001No. 1Pg13.5
PR29003No. 1Pg16
PR29006No. 1Pg21
PR29002No. 2Pg13.5
PR29004No. 2Pg16
PR29007No. 2Pg21
PR29005No. 3Pg21
PR29008No. 3Pg29
PR29009No. 4Pg29
PR34100No. 11″ NPT

(please see attached PDF’s for further information)