Three Phase Parallel Filter

Three Phase Parallel Filter


Enerdoor Three Phase Parallel Filter


  • Operational Characteristics:

– Reduces radio frequency interference in range 30kHz to 10MHz.
– Independent of the current.
– DIN rail mounting.
– Used in combination with line filters for servo drive applications.
– Rated Voltage: Nominal voltage 600V 50/60Hz.
– Capacitors: Metalized film polyproylene.
– Resistors: Metallic layer.
– Test Voltage: Phase to ground up to 3kV DC.
– Leakage Current: <25mA.
– Protection: IP00.
– Temp Rating (Degrees Celsius): -40 to +85°C.
– Connection: Terminals.
– Dimensions: 59w x 146h x 130d (mm).
– Weight: 1.1kg.
– Standards: IEC 68, CE, UL.


Order CodeNominal VoltageRated Capacitance C1 (+/- 10%) Rated Resistance (+/- 20%)Frequency Range
27FIN130SP001M600VAC7uF3.3M Ohm50kHz – 5MHz
27FIN230SP001M600VAC10uF3.3M Ohm50kHz – 5MHz
27FIN730001M750VAC1uF3.3M Ohm30kHz – 10MHz
27FIN730002MC600VAC1uF3.3M Ohm30kHz – 10MHz
27FIN730001MLCP480VAC1uF3.3M Ohm30kHz – 10MHz
27FIN735001M650VAC10uF3.3M Ohm30kHz – 10MHz
27FIN740068M480VAC0.68uF3.3M Ohm30kHz – 10MHz

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