ULM-53 Ultrasonic Level Meter

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Dinel ULM-53 Ultrasonic Level Meter

Dinel ULM-53 Ultrasonic Level Meter for Industrial Process Control Applications

The Dinel ULM-53 Ultrasonic Level Meter range uses the speed of sound to calculate the level of a liquid by sending out pulses of sound that reflect back off the liquids surface. The ULM-53 ultrasonic level meter is capable of continuous measurements  and has an adjustable min/max measurement level with an absolute max of 20m. Ultrasonic level meters are suitable when the liquid being measured is volatile or high temperature and conventional “contact” methods of measurement are not ideal; however, foam, steam, smoke, etc., can interfere with measuring.

• See link for range of compatible supply and relay modules.


General Characteristics:

– Suitable for continuous level measurement of liquids.
– Range up to 20m.
– Compact plastic housing.
– 4-20mA or 0-10V outputs.
– LED state indication.
– Power supply / relay output units available.
– Operating voltage: 18-36VDC.
– Output: 4-20mA (0-10V option).
– Resolution: <1mm.
– Basic accuracy: 0.2% (0.3% ULM53N-02).
– Setup: 2 buttons on housing.
– Current output load: 600Ω max.
– Voltage output load: > 1kΩ.
– Start up time: 45s.
– Cable entry: DIN connector.
– Working temperature: -30 to +70℃ (-30 to +60℃ ULM53N-10/20).
– Construction: PVDF transmitter and PP HDPE housing and flange (aluminium flange on ULM53N-20).
– Protection degree: IP67.


Order CodeRangeBeam WidthRefresh RateOutput TypeProcess ConnectionWeight (kg)
DINULM53N02I0.25 to 2m 101.0 sec4-20mA, 2-wireG1″0.20
DINULM53N02U0.25 to 2m101.0 sec0-10V,   3-wireG1″0.20
DINULM53N06I0.25 to 6m141.4 sec4-20mA, 2-wireG1½”0.25
DINULM53N06U0.25 to 6m141.4 sec0-10V, 3-wireG1½”0.25
DINULM53N10I0.5 to 10m102.0 sec4-20mA, 2-wireFlange ∅ 160mm0.65
DINULM53N10U0.5 to 10m102.0 sec0-10V, 3-wireFlange ∅ 160mm0.65
DINULM53N20I0.5 to 20m122.0 sec4-20mA, 2-wireFlange ∅ 220mm2.80
DINULM53N20U0.5 to 20m122.0 sec0-10V, 3-wireFlange ∅ 220mm2.80

(Please see attached PDF’s for further information)