Ventilation Filters & Fans

Ventilation Filters & Fans


Ventilation Filters & Fans For Electrical Housing Applications.


  • Operational Characteristics: 
– Flame retardant ABS colour RAL7035.
– Available in 6 sizes by airflow from 30m^3/h to 850m^3/h (meters cubed per hour).
– 230V 50/60Hz power supply.
– IP 54.
– Operating temperature -10 to +70 degrees Celsius.
– Clip on mounting.
– Terminal connection (except PTF1000 and PTF1500).
– Thermal over current protection on larger sizes.


Filter Fans (air in)

Order CodeAir FlowPanel CutoutNoisePowerCurrentWeight
17PTF100030m^3/h92 x 92mm28dB14W0.08A0.40kg
17PTF1500100m^3/h125 x125mm42dB26W0.14A0.68kg
17PTF2500115m^3/h223 x 223mm42dB26W0.14A1.18kg
17PTF3500240m^3/h223 x 223mm52dB37W0.23A1.60kg
17PTF4500650m^3/h223 x223mm60dB66W0.35A2.84kg
17PTF5000850m^3/h291 x 291mm65dB110W0.65A4.12kg


Filters (air out)

Order CodeDimensionsWeight
17PFI1000110 x 110 x 20.5mm0.10kg
17PFI1500160 x 160 x 31mm0.18kg
17PFI2500260 x 260 x 31mm0.48kg
17PFI3000325 x 325 x 31mm0.70kg


Spare Filter Mats

Order CodeDimensions
17PFM1000Pack of 10 to suit 110 x 110mm filter.
17PFM1500Pack of 10 to suit 160 x 160mm filter
17PFM2500Pack of 10 to suit 260 x 260mm filter.
17PFM3000Pack of 10 to suit 325 x 325mm filter.


Roof Fans (air out)

Order CodeAir FlowPanel CutoutNoisePowerCurrentWeight
17PFF5500560m^3/h180 x 180mm62dB58W0.26A3.16kg
17PFF6000970m^3/h180 x 180mm72dB85W0.38A3.74kg

(please see attached PDF’s for further information)